21 things the devil wants to kill and destroy in your life

John 10:10 says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” In the life of every Christian, here are 21 vital things the devil targets  and determines to rob you of.

1. Your Purpose: It is purpose that gives a life definition and meaning. A life with no purpose becomes worthless.

2. Your Desire: The bible says the desires of our hearts shall be granted but when desires are killed, frustration sets in.

3. Your Vision: Vision takes a person to their destination. Vision crates room for the next leveland enlarges your coast. When vision is killed, stagnancy prevails.

4. Your gifts: The gifts of a man shall make a way for him and cause him to stand before great men says the word of God. Many have not been able to stand before great men because the gifts which will open this door unto them have been buried.

5. The fruit of your body:  The devil’s desire for your children and children’s children is to destroy them. He is after the wasting of your generation and its non-existence.

6. The fruit of your labour: The great delight of the devil is profitless hard work. He delights in men and women not having anything to show for their labour.

7. Your Marriage:  Marriages crash daily at an alarming rate. Once the family unit is broken, the society and nation will have a problem of unity.

8. Your Calling: As the kingdom of light threatens the kingdom of darkness, the devil does not want anyone to fulfill their ministry. The fulfillment of your ministry to the devil means  the defeat of his own kingdom.

9. Your Potential: Potential is defined as what you can do but have not done.The devil prefers it when men and women do not wake up to their own potentials. Ignorance of what you can do leads to an unfulfilled life.

10. The instrument of your blessing: When the devil takes this away from you, while others are boldly speaking of the Lord’s goodness you will not have  a testimony to share.

11. Your expectation: The expectation of many have been killed due to lack of faith. When you are not expectant, you end up receiving nothing.

12.Your star: A shining star signifies a colourful destiny. When the devil dims the light of your star, the end result is a wasted life.

13.  Your voice: Every man has been given a voice by God. One of the joys of the enemy is to silence voices and make sure the authority of your voice is lost.

14. Your life:  This represents your divine assignment in life. It’s the devil’s delight when men and women do not discover, start or complete the agenda of God for their lives.

15. Your divine helper:  Divine helpers are those God has raised up to assist you. When the devil rages, he makes sure you  miss your divine helpers.

16. Your career: This symbolizes what you are able to do. When a career is under the attack of the devil, it will struggle to succeed.

17. You name: The devil also enjoys erasing the names of families, men, women , children etc from existence most especially if they constitute a threat to his dark kingdom.

18. Your destiny: Destiny is summed up as your mission here on earth. When a destiny is killed a man or woman becomes a walking corpse.

19. The promises of God: When the devil attacks the promises of God for you, they will not come to pass. The danger of this is that one will remain in the valley of promises instead of arriving at the mountain top of fulfillment.

20. Your Future: As Christians, our future is in heaven. Any one who ends up in hell has simply been cheated and outsmarted by the devil.

21. Your present life: The devil does not want anyone to complete the number of their days on earth. Untimely death is one of the weapons of the devil to fulfill this aim.

Jesus Christ reminds us in John 10:10 that ” I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” The ministry of Jesus Christ is to undo the works of darkness. In Him alone is found deliverance, healing and restoration. This march, be filled with the son of God and live life to the full.



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